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EMS organizations are experiencing far reaching changes as the US healthcare system continues to evolve. In the same way you need the right equipment and training to provide patient care, you need the right financial management tools and technology to care for your business.

CDO Squared has designed an interoperable combination of software and services to help you manage your EMS business to new levels of profitable operation. With the CDO EMS2 solution, you gain efficiency and control.

CDO Squared provides the following technology and services that take you to the next level

  • CDO Squared’s Revenue Realization™ software and related services to identify and collect previously uncollectible accounts receivable.
  • Tools and workflow technology to guard against claim denials related to preventable claim errors in your claim process including eligibility and authorizations.
  • Advanced analytics show the source of your business along with run volumes and the financial impact of the payer mix by facility.
  • Actionable analysis of billing processes gets compliant claims billed quickly and gives you the power to eliminate claim denials due to missing information.
  • Seamless integration with your dispatch system ensures 100% accountability that all reimbursable trips are billed.
  • 10 KPI monthly review against a continuously updated “best practices” playbook customized for your operation for maximum profit and efficiency.
  • Actionable month-end and quarterly reports, graphs and worklists.
  • Periodic review of payer contracts and fee schedule levels against all payers within your payer mix.
  • Compliance consulting and auditing services to ensure you have federally required policies, processes, written documentation and employee training programs.

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