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Revenue Realization Solutions for Private Ambulance Companies

Emergency medical service professionals are dedicated to providing out-of-hospital acute medical care. Whether treating those in need of urgent care en route to a hospital or arranging for timely transport for patients to the next point of care, EMS professionals’ goals are to effectively and efficiently treat patients. As the industry becomes more competitive and costs increase, the need to streamline activities and maximize revenue is paramount to protecting profitability. EMS companies need to successfully coordinate care, manage resources, and implement evidence-based guidelines, all while improving patient experience.

Common Challenges for EMS Providers


As an EMS provider, getting paid for the services you render is getting more and more difficult.

  • Keeping up with the ever-changing coding and billing rules
  • Meeting the requirements and deadlines for compliant claim submission
  • Having the time to manage the complexities of the revenue cycle

EMS2 supports EMS directors and financial administrators in all clinical, administrative and operational matters with the focus on operational cost controls, compliance and maximizing revenue realization.

Understand & Control Revenue Realization Management Like You Never Have Before

Bad debt rising? Claim denials increasing? We can help decrease bad debt and increase revenue by improving claims processing and pursuing collections to help you receive all reimbursement you are contractually owed. In a world drowning in data, we provide intuitive real time reporting tools to help you better understand the financial health of your organization.

Find out what other top-performing EMS businesses use as performance indicators.

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