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Velocity™ Advanced Analytics

If you are not ready to move to the Velocity™ RRM tools for billing and collections but would like to evaluate your performance and make improvements, then Velocity™ Advanced Analytics is the solution for you. We connect to your existing CAD and ePCR systems to measure your performance against the Velocity 10 KPIs.
How It Works
How It Works
Our reporting and KPI portal shows your operation using data analytics and key performance indicators. You’ll understand your sources of business and the resulting payer mix that follows. Using this data , you’ll have the tools to determine where you’re making profit and where you aren’t. Once you have the metrics to compare your operation to industry best practices, you’ll be able to make the competitive changes you need for better profitability and better service delivery.
How It Works

Find out what other top-performing EMS businesses use as performance indicators.

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