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Outsourced Revenue Realization Management

Our Outsourced Revenue Realization Management goes beyond the processing of your insurance billing, denial management and patient collections by seamlessly integrating  as your back office. Our professional services you can expect:
  • Integration to your existing systems
  • Eligibility checking
  • Patient Collections management
  • Insurance claims management
  • Month end and year end reporting
  • Denial management
  • Patient billing
  • Facility billing
  • Customer service Call Center for your patients and facility customers
  • Internal tasks system to handle missing or incorrect information
  • Missing/Error information pre-claim scrub
How It Works
How It Works
But those services are only piece of outsourced RRM which dives deeper into your operation using data analytics and key performance indicators. You need to understand your sources of business and the resulting payer mix that follows. Even more, you need a team the shows you where you’re making profit and where you aren’t. Our RRM team meets with you regularly to help you use the business intelligence data to make important management decision towards growth profitability and industry best practices on all the Velocity 10 KPIs.
  • KPI and business metrics review meetings
  • Performance improvement benchmarking
  • Compliance auditing
  • HIPAA policies and procedures auditing
  • Contract evaluation and assistance with bids
How It Works

Find out what other top-performing EMS businesses use as performance indicators.

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