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Velocity™ Clinical Information Exchange

Imagine your business data being connected to your partner organizations on-demand, fully in compliance with HIPAA.
Your current process probably works like this:
  • Emergent and Non-emergent patient transports every day
  • Complete paperwork manually to order the transport
  • Calls to insurance companies to get authorizations
  • No tools or analytics to improve the process
Instead with CLIX:
  • Request an ambulance with a few clicks (CLIX)
  • Integrate to Nursing Home/Hospital computer system (No manual forms)
  • Phone/Web portal for convenient ordering, confirmation and status updates
  • Robust reports with useful statistics to increase efficiency and revenue.
  • Securely transmit important data to Ambulance Dispatchers without the need for faxing or explaining details over the phone
Even better, the advanced features of CLIX can significantly reduce the number of hospital readmissions. CLIX accomplishes this goal by ensuring compliance and communication of each patient’s discharge orders to all the appropriate coordination of care partners and by monitoring patient admissions in the emergency department.

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