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Specialty Medical Groups

Specialty services are keenly impacted by the shifts that have happened recently in healthcare. Payers have unleashed a variety of care and cost management programs that have caused administrative headaches and confusion.

At CDO Squared, we know what challenges you face. Our tools and technology give you the resources to handle these challenges and a blueprint for success.

CDO Squared provides the following technology and services that take you to the next level

  • CDO Squared’s Revenue Realization™ software and related services to identify and collect previously uncollectible accounts receivable.
  • Tools and workflow technology to guard against claim denials related to preventable claim errors in your claim process.
  • Advanced analytics of your treatment and locations and providers compared to payer mix shows your cost effectiveness and profitably like never before.
  • Actionable analysis of your patients referral volume and the associated financial impact leads you to important business decisions.
  • 10 KPI monthly review against a continuously updated “best practices” playbook customized for your operation for maximum profit and efficiency.
  • Actionable month-end and quarterly reports, graphs and worklists.
  • Provider credentialing and recertification with government and commercial payers to ensure no reimbursement issues.
  • Periodic review of payer contracts and fee schedule levels against all payers within your payer mix.
  • Compliance consulting and auditing services to ensure you have federally required policies, processes, written documentation and employee training programs.

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